Reaching Prem's Homestay by Train

Ferry Service
From Ernakulam Mainland
to Fort Kochi


The ferry connecting Ernakulam mainland to Fort Cochin / Mattanchery, are still opted by a large number of people. Apart from saving time and money, traveling in boat through the backwaters of Cochin, offers a spectacular view of the natural harbour and the port. If you are lucky, you might be able to pass beside huge ocean liners berthed in the port. 


Reaching The Ferry Station


The Ferry can be easily reached by road, from both the railway stations. Taking an Auto rickshaw would be an easy means to reach the ferry quickly. You may also board a city service bus from the bus stop near the railway station, and take tickets upto the Ferry station, locally called as 'Boat Jetty'. If you chose to reach the ferry by bus, ensure that you board the bus to the correct direction.   


Ferry Service  


There is a ticket counter near the ferry station, from you can buy your tickets to Fort Cochin. The cost of the tickets would probably be the lowest fares among your travel expenses. But the cruise through the backwater, would be an experience much worth. Once you have the tickets, you can proceed to board the boat. At times you may have to wait for a few minutes for the boat to reach, though there are many boats at short intervals. Take the seats in the front row, if its not much crowded. A window side seat on the left side would also be equally good. As you pass the port and the ships, you might be astonished to know that it is a man made island, in the middle of a natural harbour. Do not forget to look out for small sea horses and smaller dolphins, as you cross the shipping channel before reaching Fort Cochin.


From Ferry Station to Prem's Homestay 


You may request a pick-up in advance, and our authorized person will await you at the Ferry station at Fort Cochin. This would save you from the high priced auto rickshaw drivers and unauthorized guides, who at times, might be misleading. if at all you need to take a cab or auto, ensure that you tell them your destination and fix the charge for the trip, before starting.

Directions to Prem's Homestay : 
Location : 'Njaliparambu Junction in K.B. Jacob Road.
Position of Prem's Homestay : Towards South-West of Njaliparambu Junction 
Approximate Fare : INR 30
Approximate Travel Time : 5 mins